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Frequently Asked Questions

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The short answer is that the printed version of Knapper’s Quarterly is actually constructed as a softcover book. Moreover, we feel that it’s a series of journal-like publications that you will want to keep in your library and something that you will want to refer back to in the future (magazines, on the other hand, are generally read for a while and then recycled or discarded when the next issue comes out). While our publications do contain some advertisements by knappers, stone dealers, etc., the ads are minimal and do not dominate the publication like those contained in magazines.

Both and accept all major credit cards and some other forms of payment that are considered fairly standard. However, we understand that some people rather make a payment by other means. If this is your desire, please contact for more information about setting this up. Basically, this just involves us ordering the publication(s) for you once we receive your payment.

Our PDF files are meant for viewing on your electronic device only and are password locked to maintain the integrity of the publication. The password for opening the PDF file versions of Knapper’s Quarterly (KQ) is sent along with your invoice (please make note of it). Additionally, our PDF files contain images with reduced dot per inch (dpi) compared to our printed versions. Generally, this makes little difference when viewing PDF files on your computer, smart phone, or tablet; however, the main benefit of this is that it makes the file size much smaller for downloading and storage (an important factor with portable devices). One other important factor you should be aware of: if the PDF file opens in your web browser, be sure to save it to your device as it will only be downloaded once. Also, depending on your device, you may need a separate (i.e., not included with your purchase of KQ) PDF file filling and viewing application (note: some devices already come standard with such an application, but others may not, please check your device before purchasing as all sales are final).

Unfortunately, no. The distribution mechanism we use is not setup for that. Besides, if you purchase both versions, you still have the both, which means you have access to read it on both your electronic devices as well as in the more traditional form.

Not at the moment, but we are working on it! However, if you wished to be notified when the latest issue becomes available, please sign up for our Newsletter.

Being a reseller of Knapper’s Quarterly allows you sell our publications for a profit at knap-ins, arts and craft shows, etc. that you attend. Additionally, we think that if you are in an issue, it just may help sell your product. For example, if a person was at a show and buying some of your knapped pieces that person may also want to purchase a softcover book that you in it so they can remember the name of the artist and have some more info about you (heck, you could even sign it for them). Basically, it works this way…send us an email indicating that you are willing to make a minimum purchase of at least 10 copies (mixed issue orders are fine) and are sold at a discounted rate. Please include your delivery address in your email or message (using our Contact page) so we can figure out the shipping charges and sales tax. We will send you back an email with the total cost of your proposed purchase. If you agree to the total cost, we will send you an invoice via PayPal (checks are also acceptable, but it’s a much slower process). Once we receive your payment, we will place the order for you with our printer. Our printer will then mail you your copies directly. Once sent, the printer will send us a tracking number for your order. We will follow the tracking to ensure that your copies are delivered (the tracking number can also be sent to you upon request). Our issues are no labeled with price so you can charge your customers whatever you like for them.

For more information about this, please review our Reseller Opportunities page. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message by via our Contact page or by sending an email to

If it has anything to do with knapping, we’re interested. Our publication has the following sections: (1) a cover story, (2) featured articles, (3) knapper profiles; and (4) knap-in reports. Naturally, the cover story and featured articles are the most freeform sections. Topics for these types of stories can include, but are not limited to, how-to, lithic materials and sources, methods of knapping, outside editorials and perspectives, things you do with your finished product (e.g., sell, donate, make jewelry, etc.), historical articles, etc. While we are happy to provide a link or reference to your commercial endeavors, articles cannot be purely intended as advertisements for your services or supplies (this is a benefit of your contribution to the publication).

Yes, we can. One of the simplest things we can do to start with is to send you a questionnaire to fill out. Depending upon the answers, we can help you further develop you information into an article or profile. Sometimes, all it takes is a little back and forth emailing or online chatting to work your ideas up into an article for the publication. Of course, we would like photos to go along with your article, which you may also want to think about. So if you have an idea, please go ahead and send us a message using our Contact page, and we’ll take it from there.

Articles and profiles, along with photos, should be submitted by email to We can accept a wide range of text formats including .doc, .docx, .pages, .txt, etc. or even text sent to us as emailed messages. All photographs should be sent into us in the highest quality and size that your camera can take. Photographs can be sent as .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, RAW, .NEF, as well as in many other file types. In the unlikely event that we cannot open your file, be it text or an image, we will get back to you as nearly all applications can save files in a variety of different formats.

Information and deadlines for submitting advertisements for the next issue can be found on our Advertising page.

All you have to do is email the photos of your work to If you have a large number of photos, please feel free to send multiple messages. Another good way to do this is to provide a link if you store your photos in the cloud so we can download them. All photographs should be the best quality and largest size that your camera or smartphone can take. Once we receive your photos, we reprocess, and color correct each image so they look their best so you can show off your hard work

Yes, you can! We just added a new Calendar of Events page to our site. Below the calendar itself, there is a message form that you can use to send us some information about your event. If you have any attachments such as a flyer or photos that you would like to send us along with the event information, please send them via email to Upon approval, we will add your event to our calendar and create a blog posting about it. One neat feature of our Calendar of Events is that if you click on an event listing, a window will pop open giving you more details about the event and will show any attachments, if available.

We are more than happy to exchange links with you! You can send your banner and linking information via email to Our banners can be found at the bottom of our Links page, if you need another size banner, just ask! Please note: we require a reciprocal link exchange to be listing on our Links page, if you cannot provide one, then your link can be added to our Marketplace section as a paid advertisement. Please see our Advertising page for more details or contact us directly using one of the methods listed on our Contact page.

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