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Please note that some changes to this website will be forthcoming soon and, yes, there should be a 2020 issue. Please check back with us soon!

Welcome to Knapper’s Quarterly! We are the publishers of a series of books about lithic reduction and the people who still practice the art of knapping (aka Flintknappers). Today’s knappers not only recreate ancient stone tool forms such as knives, arrowheads, and other types of projectile points, but interesting and unique forms known as eccentrics (many of which are used in jewelry settings). Modern knapping is still performed by numerous people all over the world and the different forms that they create are generally inspired by local history and available resources. This is what makes the whole endeavor so interesting as well as the people who create these unique objects. Overall, it is the purpose of our books to share the knapping experience with others though stories and photos contributed by members of the knapping community.

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Our latest book, Knapper’s Quarterly Number 5, Summer 2018, is now available! This publication, which contains six articles and five knapper profiles, can be ordered as a softcover book or as a PDF file that is perfect viewing on smart phones, tablets, and computers (please refer to our FAQ page for more information about our PDF file version). For more information about this specific issue, please check out our KQ No. 5 page.

Information about any of our previous issues, all of which are still available, can be found on our KQ Issues page.

If you have any questions, you can also refer to our FAQs page or send us a message through our Contact page.

On this website you will find:

Our Publications where you can find information about all of our books as well as information about submitting your articles and profiles for publication, advertising in our publication and on this website, reseller opportunities (if you are interested in selling our publications at knap-ins, etc.), and our FAQ page.

Photo Albums where we present a number of photo galleries that have been submitted to us by various knappers. Please note: we are not in the business of selling this art work (there are, however, many fine commercial sites on the internet that do offer some of these fine artists work for purchase, and several knappers also maintain their own personal sites or online stores). It is the goal of our photo albums section to serve as place where you can enjoy viewing the efforts of many knappers all in one central place regardless if the item has been previously sold or belong to the personal collection of the knapper (i.e., their keepers). If you are interesting in having us create a photo gallery of your work, please send us your photos using the information listed on our Contact page

Stores where you will find links to our two stores: KQ Printed Version Store and KQ Digital Version Store (PDF file versions).

News where you will find our Blog that present news about the site knap-ins, and other announcements; our Calendar of Events that presents information various knap-ins, and our Newsletter sign-up form.

where you will find links to knappers and other sites about flintknapping.

Contact page that presents various ways to contact us.

About Us page for more information about the publishers of Knapper’s Quarterly.

Additional pages on our site
can also be found by following the links in our menu bar.

At present, we hard at work on the next issue of Knapper’s Quarterly. We invite you to share your story and experiences with others in the knapping community by contributing an article or profile.

We greatly appreciate your all of your support! It is our goal to help share the knapping experience within this diverse community and to promote knapping as the true art form that it is.

Order the softcover book version of Knapper’s Quarterly by following these links:
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KQ No. 3
KQ No. 4
KQ No. 5

Note: Knapper’s Quarterly No. 1 and No. 2 are no longer in print.


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