Knap-in from March 24–25, 2017 in Gamaliel, AK

Knap-in and Stone Age Arts, March 24-25, Gamaliel, Arkansas

Location: 5012 AR-101, Gamaliel, Arkansas (between the Three Rivers Biker Church and the Gamaliel Fire Station).

Directions from the City of Mountain Home, Arkansas: Take US Highway 412 East, Turn left onto Robinson Point Road, then make a slight right onto AR Highway 101 for 4.83 miles (total: about 14.8 miles [21 minutes]).

Directions from West Plains, Missouri: Take US Highway 160 West, then turn left onto State Route 101 (MO-101 becomes AR101) (total: about 34.1 miles [43 minutes]).

On site camping, bathrooms, and showers.

For contact information, please see our entry for this event on our
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